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A Healthier You, One Step at a Time

Welcome to Cornerstone Nutrition offering on-line nutrition counselling to fight chronic disease and optimize health & wellness


To celebrate Nutrition Month and encourage healthier ingredients and diet for tomorrow: Cornerstone Nutrition is offering a 10% discount to all clients who book a new consult from  March 10-31, new office with Coast Physiotherapy at 5691 Mermaid, Sechelt, B.C., Hours of Work: Tue & Wed 1:00-4:00pm, please follow covid 19 restrictions! Call 604 741-7307 …

Is there a Healthier Chip????

Is there a Chip that is Healthy? Looking  for a healthy chip… I suppose one has many features to consider, flavour, crispness, crunch, mouth appeal when looking for a snack. Also calories, fat, net carbohydrates and sodium are of concern if you are trying to maintain a healthier weight, reduce risk of heart disease and …


Jan Stephens, owner of Cornerstone Nutrition, is a registered dietitian, certified diabetes education with a masters of science and over 25 years of clinical nutrition experience.  She was the Chief Clinical Dietitian at Sechelt Hospital for 17 years, and since retiring from that position has focused on her private practice.

She graduated from UBC , received a masters from University of Toronto.  She worked at Kelowna General Hospital, Holy Family Hospital, Tokanui Hospital in NZ, Ridge Meadows Hospital, and as a Licensing Nutritionist in North Vancouver.

Moving up to the Sunshine Coast with her family in 1997, she split her full-time work between Sechelt Hospital and the Sechelt Indian Band.  In  2004 she became a Certified Diabetes Educator, 2011  qualified as a  Certified Nutrition Support Clinician (ASPEN), in 2019 qualified as a Certified Pump Trainer with Omnipod and during Covid19 upgraded her training with the Health Takes Guts Masterclass which uses the 5R approach to treat GI problems, seeking to treat the root cause. . She has also taken advance training in Sports Nutrition and qualified as an anthropometrist training with ISAK to measure skin-folds and body composition in 2014. so that she could support athletes in training.

In 2017, Cornerstone Nutrition, a private practice was established for health minded adults wanting to avoid or manage chronic disease and to optimize their health potential. Her focus is in diabetes, chronic diseases, healthy heart, celiac, gastro-intestinal problems including reflux, irritable & inflammatory bowel disease, and offers nutrition sports nutrition support. She has seen the life-saving effects of nutrition counselling and is excited to begin counselling clients.

Jan is passionate about improving the wellness potential of clients, their relationship with and enjoyment of food.  Like other dietitians, she is concerned about the unnecessary over-restrictions of many popular diet plans, seeing the pain that many of her clients suffer being fearful and guilty about their eating. Dietitians have 4 years of science evidence based nutrition education, plus a years internship in a hospital  and belong to a college that regulates practice, ethics with liability insurance.  She believes that dietitians are the best trained professions to advise clients about their nutrition and dietary needs.

Dietitian services are valued and covered by many extended health benefits and are income tax deductible. Dietitians are trained in motivational interviewing, problem solving and cognitive behavior solutions supporting long-term changes in eating habits.

A Healthier You, one Step at a time

Nutrition Services

A Healthier You One Step at a Time

1:1 nutrition assessment, with an individualized nutrition plan (60-90 min) with 2 weeks e-mail support. $150 Nutrition Counseling

On-line nutrition assessment, with an individualized plan  (60 min) with 2 weeks e-mail. $150  Nutrition Counseling

Follow up (30 min with 2 weeks e-mail) $80 Follow up nutrition sessions

Starter Package (60 min assessment + 30 minute follow up session)
$215  Starter Package

Family Nutrition Counselling with follow up for 6 weeks  (price varies)
$500  Family Package

Nutrigenomix Package $500 DNA Based Diet Plan