Jan Stephens, owner of Cornerstone Nutrition, is a registered dietitian, certified diabetes education with a masters of science and over 25 years of clinical nutrition experience.  She is working at the Sechelt Hospital on the Sunshine Coast in B.C..

She graduated from UBC, completed her masters of science at the School of Hygiene, University of Toronto and an internship at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto.  She worked in administrative dietetics at Kelowna General Hospital, Holy Family Hospital and Tokanui Hospital in New Zealand.  In New Zealand, she helped downsize staffing and converted a fire station into an award winning heart healthy approved cafe on the hospital site.  After her two children were born, her priorities changed and Jan returned to Canada to raise her family, starting to work as a clinical dietitian at Ridge Meadows Hospital and on the North Shore as a licensing nutritionist.

Having property on the Sunshine Coast, Jan moved with her family to Roberts Creek and soon found a job at the Sechelt Hospital and the Sechelt Indian Band.  She became certified as a diabetes educator in 2004 and was certified with the American society of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition in 2011.  As her husband was a competitive cyclist and runner and both children excelled in this area, she took an anthropometrist training with ISAK to measure skin-folds and body composition, testing out her skills with many of the athletes at the band.  As a follow up, in 2017 the went to an Intensive Sports Nutrition Workshop sponsored by the Dietitians of Canada, completed a sports supplement course gaining more confidence to support local athletes in their training and competition.

Realizing there aren’t enough resources on the Sunshine Coast for nutrition, she decided to start her own business and offer a web-based nutrition counseling service for health minded adults wanting to avoid or manage chronic disease and to optimize their health and potential.

She specializes in diabetes, aboriginal health, chronic diseases, healthy heart, celiac, gastro-intestinal problems including bowel disease, crohns, and offers nutrition sports nutrition support.

As a registered dietitian, she has seen the life-changing effects of nutrition counseling, particularly with clients who have diabetes or chronic disease improving their blood sugar control and health.

Jan is passionate about improving the wellness potential of clients, their relationship with and enjoyment of food.  Like other dietitians, she is concerned about the unnecessary over-restrictions of many popular diet plans, seeing the pain that many of her clients suffer being fearful and guilty about their eating. Dietitians have 4 years of science evidence based nutrition education, plus a years internship in a hospital  and belong to a college that regulates practice, ethics with liability insurance.  She believes that dietitians are the best trained professions to advise clients about their nutrition and dietary needs.

Dietitian services are valued and covered by many extended health benefits and are income tax deductible. Dietitians are trained in motivational interviewing, problem solving and cognitive behavior solutions supporting long-term changes in eating habits.


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