Opening office #105, 5700 Cowrie St. Sechelt next week, Tue-Thur, 10-4 pm

Safety Precautions for Covid 19 visiting Dietitian’s office:

  1. Removing most of the chairs in the waiting room to ensure physical distancing
  2. Removing all the magazines to reduce the number of touch points.
  3. Making some of the kitchen area off limits to reduce the number of touch points.
  4. Providing hand sanitizer in the waiting room and bathroom
  5. Putting up notices on the entrance door and in the waiting room to advise patients about Covid19 protocol
  6. Pre-booking precautions to ensure clients are not showing Covid 19 symptoms
  7. No cancellation fee, if clients are feeling unwell prior to the appointment.
  8. Patients will be spaced with 30 minutes between each appointment, to ensure no overlap
  9. Desk surfaces, chair, door knobs will be sanitized, before, between and after all appointments.
  10. Clients will not be seen if they are not wearing facemasks, as will the Dietitian during the visit.
  11.  No drop-ins

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