NutrigenomiX Genetic Testing for Personalized Nutrition

Introducing a new service, which includes a comprehensive genetic test of 70 food related genetic markers, based on the most robust scientific evidence. 

Specific metabolic markers have been chosen that will give actionable dietary guidelines, so that you aren’t overwhelmed by meaningless SNP’s, rather you are looking a modifier genes that affect your absorption, metabolism and excretion, taste and smell preferences.  For example, research has linked a slow vs fast metabolizer caffeine gene to a higher risk of cardiovascular disease, hypertension and even diabetes.  Other genes indicate whether you are more prone to lose weight or percent body fat on a high protein diet, or whether you are more likely to elevate your “bad cholesterol” if you eat saturated fat. 

If you are an athlete, the genetic test will show if you have slow twitch or fast twitch muscles, if you are more susceptible to injury and help you eat smarter, train harder and recover faster…unleash your genetic potential!

Take advantage of a $50.00 discount during Covid19 and free shipping directly to your home for a saliva sample.  In addition, you’ll receive a personalized interpretation of your results with a qualified registered dietitian and the option of adding a fully customized DNA-based meal plan to your order. 

Cost:  $425.00 for sample, report (electronic) (+$20 for a printed report mailed to your home), interpretation of results, customized with any blood work or chronic conditions that you may elect to share with your dietitian.

Current clients will have a further discount of $50, bringing the cost to $375.00.

Optional: add the cost of computer-generated customized DNA based meal plan, priced according to the duration of the plan.

Jan Stephens, Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator, Certified Pod Trainer, M.S., owner of Cornerstone Nutrition has completed a training course for Nutrigenomix and will be interpreting the data with you,  she currently runs a private nutrition counselling service on the Sunshine Coast. 

Virtual sessions are encouraged but in-person, covid19 aware consults are available in her Sechelt office, Tue-Thursday, 1000-1600hr. 

Call 604 741-7307 or e-mail at to make an appointment.

This is the beginning of personalized nutrition based on your genes!!!  or more information and to order your sample, report and interpretation.

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