How to cook your own chickpeas!

Soaking overnight

Have been wanting to cook chickpeas instead of using canned for some time,  They taste fresher and it saves you $$  Finally I decided to soak overnight, started with 1 c chickpeas:3 c water, no salt

This forced me to cook them in my instapot the next day, it was so easy.  I don’t know why I procrastinated.  I rinsed them, put them in the instapot with the same water ratio and pressure cooked for 20 minutes.



Cooke in Instapot for 20 minutes

Don’t they look great!  And they smelled so yummy, I snacked on some right there!   I thought that I had cooked way too much but didn’t realize that I would use them up so quickly!

Have wanted to make roasted chickpeas as a healthy snack for some time.  Found the perfect recipe:  2 cups chickpeas, 2 T vinegar, 1 T olive oil, 1 tsp dijon mustard, supposed to have 1 pinch salt, I made mine unsalted.  Placed in a pre-heated 400 F degree oven on a cookie sheet, no greasing.  The recipe suggests baking for 1 hr, tossing them every 10 min.  I was far too impatient for this and tossed them every 15 min but by 30 min, they looked roasted and I took them out.


Roasted Chickpeas

They tasted great, but some of them were not crisp and slightly soft so I put them in the oven for longer, next time I would check them more often and take the browned chickpeas out as they cook unevenly in my oven.. Was very pleased with the flavour and  will do this again.

I was on a roll  and proceeded to make a chicken chili  adding 2 cups chickpeas, fortunately that was exactly the amount I had left over..  So I was able to cook an entree with the remaining chickpeas depriving myself of the opportunity to refrigerate for up to 5 days or freeze in 2 cup portions.


Chicken Chili with chickpeas

I won’t tell you the recipe because it became a truly signature dish using my favourite allium vegetables.  Perhaps it was a bit spicy; for my partner but just perfect for me.  Here’s a photo of that meal!

So don’t hesitate, save yourself some $$ and cook your own chickpeas!


Nutrition & protein intake for Parkinsons

Registered Dietitians are fortunate to have a wealth of scientific data from which to draw reliable recommendations.  Recently the recommendation for protein has been updated, this has been a subject that I have debated with a variety of patients that I’ve seen with Parkinsons disease.

I will quote:

A 2010 review found that on average, protein redistribution diets resulted in improved motor function in people who responded to levodopa, although the acceptability of the diet decreased over the long term (i.e. >1 month). The most frequently reported complications of the diet included severe dyskinesias (due to reduced levodopa dose), weight loss and hunger before the evening meal. Occasional complications included psychiatric disorders and hallucinations (due to levodopa overdose).

1.  Cereda E, Barichella M, Pedrolli C, Pezzoli G. Low-protein and protein-redistribution diets for Parkinson’s disease patients with motor fluctuations: A systematic review. Mov Disord. 2010 Jul 28. [Epub ahead of print]. Abstract available from:

A 2017 narrative review noted two large observational studies. One study found that the prevalence of protein-levodopa interaction in those taking levodopa was about 12.4%. The other study suggested that a protein-restricted diet may improve motor function in some people taking levodopa, and that those eating more than 10 g protein/day above the RDA may need a higher levodopa dosage than those eating less protein

2 .Xiong N, Huang J, Guo S, Liu L, Han C, et al. Protein-restricted diets for ameliorating motor fluctuations in Parkinson’s disease. Front Aging Neurosci. 2017 Jun 28;9:206. doi: 10.3389/fnagi.2017.00206. eCollection 2017. Abstract available from:

In 2019, the 2012 Canadian guidelines for Parkinson disease were updated by an expert panel led by Parkinson Canada (9) and they adopted a NICE guidelines:

People with PD should be advised to avoid a reduction in their total daily consumption of protein” and “discussion should take place about a diet in which most of the protein is eaten in the final main meal of the day (a protein redistribution diet) for people with PD on levodopa who experience motor fluctuations.

3.  Parkinson’s disease in adults. NICE guideline [NG71}. 2017 Jul. Available from:

Its important for patients with Parkinson’s consume adequate protein.   Patients who are taking their levodopa medication 30 minutes before a meal and do not experience relief can trial a protein redistribution for 2 weeks and if they do not experience relief, discontinue the diet.   As well, when a patient experiences relief, they need to make sure their overall protein intake is adequate or they may need to increase the levodopa dosage to manage symptoms and maintain their protein status.

Regardless, it is advised that patients seek the advice of a registered dietitian to advise on bloating, constipation, early satiety, swallowing problems and the overall balance of their nutritional intake.

Covid 19 Office closure, Zoom meeting effective for Nutrition Counselling!








Cornerstone Nutrition Offices have been closed for Nutrition Counselling since March 24th, for 6 weeks!

Nutrition counselling has been provided to clients exclusively with “Zoom” platform over the past six weeks, an easy to use and surprisingly effective platform.

If you are wanting to get a nutrition makeover, this is a great place to start, no need to travel, the  appointment happens from the comfort of your home!

Contact Jan by e-mail, or phone 604 741-7307.

After you complete a nutrition questionnaire and establish a date and time for your 1 hr appointment, Jan will send you an invitation for your appointment.  Before the meeting, you will need to download zoom from  You can zoom from a phone, tablet or laptop!!

Covid 19 may be providing you an opportunity to set up a healthy nutrition plan for a cheaper cost, only $115 for a zoom appointment, .covers the 1 hr appointment and e-mail/texting follow up for one month.

Many patients find that their health plan covers the cost of seeing a Registered Dietitian or you can claim the cost as a health expense on your income tax.

Look forward to hearing from you!

Covid19 Nutrition Office Closed Mar 17-19th temporarily

Have enclosed this article from the Vancouver Sun that compares the cold, flu and Covid 19 symptoms and length of illness to help you identify what may be affecting you.

Will be closing my office this week March 17-19th.


Nutritional Supplements $$

So often I have patients who are asking me about what supplements they should be taking,  they bring a plastic bag filled with little bottles and line them up in front of me.  As a dietitian, I’m usually encouraging my client to harness their nutrients by eating a healthy diet and suggest supplements to complement  an inadequate diet due to sensitivities/intolerance or dislikes.  Admittedly I  too like to  take some calcium, vitamin D & zinc, or multivitamins, in the winter with the lack of sunshine, being restricted indoors, or exposed to rampant flu,; vitamins can give you that extra edge to keep you healthy..

Watching David Jocker’s Keto diet summits, I realize that it is almost impossible to follow this diet without taking nutritional supplements, be they electrolyte powders, MCT, exogenous ketones, and if you have poor digestion and elimination, herbal adaptogens, stomach acids, digestive enzymes, probiotics, betaine HCL bile salts or oz bile.  Poor thyroid function can be a limitation for adapting to a keto diet and you may need extra iodine, selenium, iron, B12, Zinc, Vit D, amino acids and magnesium.  Actually I’m curious to try the Thyroid Strong- containing bovine glandular thyroid hormones, iodine, selenium and zinc.  Or perhaps super glutathione which acts as an antioxidant reducing inflammation.  Then you may find you need mitochondrial support with CoQ10, Acetyl-L Carnitine and B Vitamins which will definitely be deficient in this diet.

You suspect that I’m not a promoter of the ketogenic diet.  In the long term, the literature has shown time after time that a high fibre diet or plant based diet improves longevity whereas the high fat diet cause inflammation and can shorten lifespan.  However there may be merits to cycling carbohydrate and changing  eating patterns.

One supplement which is not often discussed and is controversial is cannabis CBD, the form that doesn’t get you high.  I liked the post that Desiree NIelsen wrote about this subject and checked out the website she recommended at  I’ve seen CBD work wonders for some clients with multiple GI problems, pain control, reducing anxiety, improving appetite and movement.  Thinking about it,  there are cannabinoids in many plants ,ie.,  clove, black pepper, echinacea, broccoli, ginseng, carrots, sunflowers, cacao and ;hemp.   This could lead to a conversation about how many of our medicines are plant-based.

When we are treating chronic diseases, many of these supplements are a poor replacement for eating a well balanced plant-based diet, which would give you more energy, maintain healthy bowel and GI function, cost less and enhance one’s appreciation of our planet.

Low FODMAP Vegan/Vegetarian Diet Choices

17 Low FODMAP Foods That Are Vegan

Would like to recommend Desiree Nielson, RD as a reliable source of FODMAP information, she specialize in plant based diets that banish the bloat.

The absolute best choice of low FODMAP foods is found with Monash University, they founded the research and update their app regularly, great source of information.