Food/video journaling

A Healthier Me, One Step at a Time

Food/Video Journals monitored by Jan

This is the best and least expensive way to make productive and sustaining changes to your diet. The food journaling would be done by setting up an account with and making Jan a friend so that she could regularly monitor your eating habits. Myfitnesspal is like carrying a dietitian with you everwhere, it can accurately calculate your macronutrients but does not calculate your micronutrients well because much of the data is provided by users and may be inaccurate. Alternatively, a photo journal where you take a quick photo of your meal with your smartphone and send it to Jan, you may not get an instant reply but you would get useful feedback, perhaps with a few questions confirming the identity of your food choices.

Food/Video journals (or on-line/e-mail follow ups) $100/month

This can be added to a try-me package or purchased as a separate option.
Please contact Jan Stephens if you need more information or are interested in this option